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			ma_ajo posted a photo:				ma_ajo posted a photo:				ma_ajo posted a photo:	Projuve is a youth based organization that is trying to convert their town into a self-sustainable town.			ma_ajo posted a photo:				ma_ajo posted a photo:				ma_ajo posted a photo:				ma_ajo posted a photo:				ma_ajo posted a photo:				ma_ajo posted a photo:

The Biodiesel Diaries is an innovative multimedia project put forward by Carlos Herrera (Co-Executive Director of Education Without Borders Intl.) and Majo Calderón (award-winning Documentary Filmmaker and journalist).

The project is 3 fold:


1. Travel from California to Chile using renewable biofuel in their biodiesel vehicle, ‘El Chaski’, modified to run on waste vegetable oil.  Our hope is to reduce our impact on the environment as part of the ongoing work towards sustainability in our own lives.  We also hope that by sharing this technology it may raise awareness of our human capacity to innovate and utilize resources without depleting them.


2. Create interesting multimedia curriculum to engage youth throughout the Americas in the ever-growing dialogue on environmental and human sustainability. To this end, we interview and film grassroots communities striving to develop environmentally sustainable practices and lifestyles. We are interested in documenting examples of communities building economic, social and environmental prosperity, conserving resources, or utilizing other methods and tools readily available that positively impact humans and the earth.  We use our multimedia skills and educational network to bring these stories to youth so that they may begin to discuss the uncertain future climate change has put before us.  We believe that change will come with education and that this knowledge must be in the hands of the youth now, not tomorrow, not when they are adults with bad habits, but today while they are still forming their habits.


3. Build an online network of grassroots communities, youth, educators and more – working together to create a future we can share sustainably with the planet.  This requires dialogue, education, technology and more.  Please join this community, share your insights, volunteer your wisdom, participate and share this with others.

This is our humble project.  Please check out the website, tell us what you think.  If you are a teacher, use this website as a tool, watch the videos, share them and use the groups we have highlighted as resources.  They would be happy to hear from you and open dialogue.  If you would like us to come visit you or your school, please let us know.  When we have finished this voyage, we will do our best to oblige.

There is so much more we would like to do, but we need you in order to get there.  None of us is as strong as all of us.


Carlos and Majo