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Photo Gallery

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Mobile Classroom


We are creating rich educational content for use in classrooms.  The videos we have produced and are producing are designed for discussion in classrooms and can be used in a variety of subjects (Spanish, Science and Economics among others) and can introduce classroom or school-wide projects like recycling, composting and others. We visited a culinary academy in Morelia, Mexico and after our presentation, we were pleasantly surprised to hear their commitment to begin composting and start their own organic garden on campus. In the near future, pieces of this curriculum will be available online. To watch the videos, visit the country pages and see what we learned in different countries.


We are also exploring the reaches of mobile technology in the field of education. With cellular phones sponsored by Nokia and the Pearson Foundation, we are engaging youth throughout Latin America to find out what they think about the environmental issues they face in their communities. Check out the videos below to hear what youth are saying.  Many of the videos are in Spanish for obvious reasons.  We hope to be able to provide you with translations soon, in the case that our other hope is not fulfilled (that everyone in the Americas receives an education promoting Spanish/English/Portuguese bilingualism or trilingualism. Wouldn’t that be nice!)


If you are a young person in the Americas and would like to participate, add a video, respond, leave comments or join the Biodiesel Diaries youth network on the Mobile Learning Institute website, don’t hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]

Mercedes from Caye Caulker, Belize

Denisse G. from Sayula, Jalisco Mexico

Rene S. from Oakland, California USA

Yazmin G. from Sayula, Jalisco Mexico

Rafael B. from Heredia, Costa Rica

Cristian G. from Sayula, Jalisco Mexico

Irene E. from Heredia, Costa Rica